Friday, October 17, 2008

Here We Go Again

Everyone it is official, there is no point to watch the rest of the MLB postseason: the 2008 Boston Red Sox are the World Champs.

We have seen this before and we will see it again, down 3-1 they are going to repeat their past in coming back again. Of the 5 teams to ever do it Boston has done it 4 times including 2004 and 2007. The David Ortiz homerun to make it 7-4 really brought all the momentum to the Sox and the Rays looked like a deer in the headlights.

The last two games of this series are basically a fore gone conclusion. This Beckett start is exactly like Curt Schilling's start in 2004 in Game 6. Schilling had been shelled and even cried as he walked off the mound in game 1 by the Yankees. All the talk was of his injuries and how he was done. However by the time the Sox got it to Yankee Stadium Schilling pitched a decent game and kept his team in the lead and helped win game 6. (Yes it is an overrated pitching performance but history looks very kindly on it.)

This is how I envision the final two games of the series going. Once it gets to 7 the Rays are dead and the Sox will stampede them. Plus Jon Lester wont pitch terribly two games in a row. Then they will likely go on to the Series and face the Phillies who wouldnt have played for 7 days and the Phillies will roll over and play dead much like the Rockies and Cardinals did in past Sox World Series.

The Rays have a great future ahead of them. They are going to be a dominant team for the next decade. BJ Upton and Evan Longoria are great right now and will only get better; but they have never faced a loss like the one last night and I don't see anyway they can over come it. The ALCS says Rays up 3-2 but it feels like they are down in the series. (I still have to hope the Rays can win)

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