Monday, August 18, 2008

Golden Thoughts

As the Yankees have an off day, that leaves some time to think about the sport spectacle known as the Olympics that are going on in Beijing to discuss. Leaving the political problems, and underage Chinese girls out of the equation, with these Olympics aside these games have been great and very compelling:

1) The Golden Boy- What more can be said about Michael Phelps? He was amazing and a handled himself perfectly. It was an honor as an American to have someone as amazing as him represent this great country in such a great way. He is arguably the most dominant athlete in the history of sports. Maybe not the best athlete but most dominant. He is definetly in the short list. Here is hoping he can compete in 2012.

2) The Re-Deem Team: This version of Team USA basketball has looked a lot like the 92 Dream Team. They have simply dominated their opponents and re-stored America back to the top. Entering the medal rounds anything less then a Gold would be simply a failure. This group led by Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dewayne Wade has handled this responsibility with great class and dignity. They have made an effort to restore the image of USA Basketball. They have even gone to watch fellow Americans compete, like seeing Michael Phelps go for his record 8th medal.

3) The Human Bolt- Two things come to mind while seeing this race a) Someone in the NFL needs to give this guy a chance. He is 6'5 and runs like the wind. You cant tell me he wouldnt be a great deep threat every sunday
b) This is the sports world we live in but I cant believe the this amazing runner was not on some sort of steroid or HGH. There is no way someone should win a race like that and so convicing. He blew away the best in the world and even coasted to a win. Not only that but he smashed the world record. A win that easy, something cant be right.

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