Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thoughts on Past Week

Sorry for the lack of updates. Between being too upset with the Yankees and studying for a test I havent been able to update the blog. Here are some quick thoughts on recent activities:

1) The Yankees- I dont know where to start with this team. Have they been decimated by injuries? Yes, they have lost two of their top pitchers, plus another guy they were counting on. Plus their franchise catcher and their starting designated hitter. But their recent bad stretch goes beyond the injuries. If they were getting killed every game, I could chalk it up to injuries. But the way they lose is pitiful. They don't hit with runners in scoring position, at all period. That has cost them 10-15 games this year. Suzanne Waldman today said they only needed 10 sac flies over 20 games and they could have won them. They couldnt have been as bad as they were doing if they tried

2) Is Season over? They are not mathematically eliminate, yet. But they most likely are done. However there is a chance they can get hot and pull off a streak of winning 7 of 9 going into the Boston series starting in one week. If they do that, anything can happen. But if the bats don't wake look for them to be pitiful and dusting off their golf clubs earlier then expected.

3) The Jets new engine- I was tired and uninterested in the whole Brett Favre saga, however the turn it made in the last week has got me extremely excited for the 2008 season. I have never been a Favre fan but once the move was made I finally realized the significance. The Jets are RELEVANT. They are probably the most important team to the NFL this year. Evcryone is talking about the Jets now, and in a positive way. Has this ever happened before? I dont think so, at least not since 1969. Jets fans have never been this excited going into a season after losing 12 games the year before.

4) Mad Dog leaving WFAN- Some sad and puzzling news. There will be no more Mike and the Mad Dog show as Chris "Mad Dog" Russo has left WFAN to go on to XM satellite radio. I do not get this move as Russo lacks general sports knowledge. Unless he only talks about Tennis I am not sure how he can handle a sport show on his own everyday. This seems like a mistake for his career, despite the money he will receive. He will now be barely heard from just as Howard Stern has lost a lot of his audience by going to Satellite Radio.
The interesting part of this move is the fact that Chris Russo acted like the players he criticizes daily. He went for the money not for the job that was best for him. He should have practiced what he preaches and stayed in the best situation for him.
Mike and the Mad Dog was a great radio show. It invented the sports talk show format that we all love. It was a must listen everyday and provided hours of entertainment. It will be greatly missed.
Tomorrow some thoughts on the Olympics so far.

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