Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank You Jason (Not Mustached One Either)

So Jason Stark has pointed at what the chances of the Yankees making the playoffs are. 2.3 %. You almost have a better chance of being struck by ligntning, twice, then seeing the Yankees make the playoffs. They would need to go on a run that they have not had since 1998 when they won 114 regular season games.

2.3% is still a chance but it doesnt seem likely. Jason Stark has pretty much shown us Yankee fans that yesterday was just a tease and that the 2008 playoffs are almost improbable.


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gizmo said...

is there still a chance? and I believe it should be noted that the red sox had Justin "the Destroia" Pedroia batting clean-up tonight. He went a meager 4-4 and was intentionally walked in the bottom of then 8th with the sox already winning 8-2, and Mark Kotsay on deck (who had already gone 3-4 in the game with 3 rbi). Pedroia is now leading the league in total hits, average and pure amazingness.