Monday, August 4, 2008

Texas Slam Book on (Possibly) Yankees Season

The Yankees 2008 is most likely over following a crushing loss to the Texas Rangers. In a night where the Yankees were poised to get a game on both the Red Sox and Rays they stayed put. And frankly that is not good enough, they need to make up ground every possible chance. Everyday they dont do what they did tonight, its a win for the division leaders and the wildcard leaders. They tick off another game off the schedule and the Yankees have one less day to make up the distance. When you the chasers you cannot afford to stand still you have to make up ground when they lose. It seems there is too much going against the Yankees. Too many injuries and road games vs good teams left on the schedule. And 13 years of hits falling in and now being caught, like Jeters liner to center. The feeling is not good surrounding the Yankees as they have lost about 4 games in the standings in about 6 days.

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