Monday, August 4, 2008

Yankees Head West Minus Some Hair

As the Yankees embark on an extremely 3 city 10 day 10 game road trip they will be without a major symbol of the team. Jason Giambi's good luck mustache has been shaved off. The luck must have worn out in Giambi's eyes as he has been slumping of late. The 'stache was a symbol of the Yankees good play to end the 1st half and begin the 2nd half. Giambi's resurgence was timed along with the growth of his facial hair. The Yankees even had a Jason Giambi Mustache giveaway before the all-star break to encourage fans to get him into the all-stargame. As Giambi's bat cooled it was time for the 'stache to go. What sort of luck will it bring, we shall see.

Apparently Giambi decided to shave the stache following Mark Texeiras Grandslam Sunday afternoon. The luck must have been reversed as the Yankees rallied for 5 runs and the win.


It seems the stache being gone helped Giambi start the roadtrip out on a good foot. A clean-shaven Giambi stroked a 3-2 single to left center to put Yankees up 1-0 in the first inning of first of 10 games on road.
Its official the stache should have been gone weeks ago. Apologies to the American Mustache Society but the Stache probably shouldnt return for a while. (Or until another slump comes.)

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