Wednesday, July 30, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - Pudge in Pinstripes

Buster Onley has just broke news on the Michael Kaye Show on1050 ESPN Radio that the Yankees have traded for Pudge Rodriguez this afternoon. No word on who was traded. More on this as it comes out
UPDATE: Kyle Farnsworth has been traded for Pudge Rodriguez. Shocking move to get rid of a key part of bullpen. We will see how this works out. More thoughts on this later tonight.


Rob Dauster said...

How is getting rid of Farnsworth and getting a bat at catcher a bad trade? Farnsworth was a bum, and Pudge (depending of if we offer him arbitration) could net the Yanks 2 picks.

Again, how is this bad?

jon said...

i'm gonna have to agree with that comment. pudge knows how to win, has experience with yound pitchers (see Marlins), and provides relief to Molina. Farnsworth was settling in, but who knows if he wouldn't have crumbled under the pressure of the playoff race.

BS said...

this is a great trade. Farnsworth has only been consistently good for one month out of his entire Yankee tenure. Pudge is a far better hitter than Molina, not to mention what would happen if Molina ever got hurt. In no way is this a bad trade unless Pudge gets hurt on the way to NY.