Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny Traded

Not so fast on Jason Bay to the Rays. Several sources are reporting that Manny Ramirez is sent off the Red Sox. is reporting that the Dodgers have pulled off a three way deal that sends Jason Bay to the Sox and Manny to LA. Not sure who the four prospects are. While the Boston Globe has confirmed Manny has been traded but no word on where.

Buster Olney reports on 1050Espn Radio that the Red Sox feared Manny would go into Operation Shutdown (thanks to Derek Bell for the name) and just give up on season. They saw it last few days with asking out of lineup and then not hustling in the last 4 days. And Jon Heyman reports :Pittsburgh gets Craign Hansen and Brandon Moss, both from Boston, as well as third baseman Andy LaRoche and right-handed pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers."

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