Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is The Manny Being Manny Show on the Move?

Here we go again the rumor mill is being filled with ridiculous rumors of Manny Ramirez being traded. The Yankees would love to see their rival move their best and most dangerous hitter. There would be a champagne celebration and I am sure Brian Cashman would volunteer to drive him to Logan Airport to get him out of town. This situation is partially Manny's fauly and the teams. They have looked the other way everytime he has done something ridiculous and he signed a contract that essentially puts him in his last year of a contract three times.

Before we get to what has led us to this here are a couple of the rumors: Jon Heyman is saying the Dodgers have interest in the Slugging Leftfielder. While the Newark Star Ledger reports the Mets are looking into acquiring him.

If anyone thinks the Red Sox will actually move their star leftfielder, they are nuts. Look at Tom Verducci's article explaining the reasons to keep him. Sure he is a pain and gives them a headache every day. But they knew this when they signed him in the fall of 2000. And they have known this everyday since then. They are willing to look the other way because he will go down as one of the top right handed hitters of all time. Everytime he says he cant play, he pushes the traveling secretary, when he punches teammates, or when he doesnt hustle the Red Sox have no one to blame but themselves as they have looked the other way every other time. This situation has a different feel. Even Peter Gammons has ripped Manny in his articles. And Gammons has never had anything bad to say about Manny until now. The only way he doesnt stick around is if the Sox are willing to mortage the season just to get him and the headaches he causes out of town. However this will be no different as the two sides will resolve the issue. There is no way that you can replace a guy like Manny in the Sox lineup.

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