Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Thoughts Following Tonights Game

* Not a good night for Cashman's Trade: Damaso Marte gives up a big three run double blowing the game up and Xavier Nady strikes out with bases loaded. Hopefully better things ahead for this duo.

* Mariano Rivera continues to struggle in non save situations. He has given up about 3 runs in save situations but almost every non-save spot gives up runs. Aubrey Huff had just missed a homerun foul when he followed it up with another bomb. This is something to watch as the season ends.

* I would love to see a stat of how many times a meaningless run comes back to be the decisive run. Just like tonight, Huff's homerun seemed meaningless however it turned out to be the winning run as the Yankees scored 3 in the 9th and lost by one with the tieing run in scoring position. It seems this always happens.

* A positive for the night was seeing the Yankees battle back and never give up. They might not have won but they showed some fight and grit in battling back. The old Yankees always seemed to bring the tieing run to the plate. That is what they showed tonight and that is a good sign.

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