Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What a First Night

Its late and I have a big day ahead of me with Fanfest and the All-Star Game but The Homerun Derby did a great job of getting this even off to a great start. The atmosphere and spectacle all lived up to and actually surpassed the hype. There was a lot of downtime but hey its in Yankee Stadium with the best fans in the world and your watching the best players in the world, things could be worse.
Watching both teams take batting practice on the field was quite a spectacle. They make it all look so easy. It was awesome to watch Scott Kazmir and Roy Halladay work on pitching together. Or see Big Carlos Zambrano and Tim Lincecum talk shop. To listen to what they have to say would be amazing. Also you get to see how all the players really love the game and get alone despite rivalries. Heck Mariano Rivera posed for a picture with Paperlbon and Varitek. Oh yea, and he requested it. And watching the hitters hit was amazing. They were hitting balls into area codes that are rarely seen. Finally seeing A-Rod take bp at Yankee Stadium was a sight. He can really launch the ball all over the yard.
And finally the Home-run derby. Each player had memorable drives into the Upper Decks of the Stadium and balls that traveled 450 feet. But the night was stolen by Texas Ranger Outfielder Josh Hamilton. Even though he did not go on to actually win the title, Justin Morneau ended up winning just as he undeserving won the MVP award two years ago, Hamilton was the real winner. He displayed the talents that made him the # 1 overall pick and showed that he had overcome all his personal demons. He nearly hit one out of the Stadium and consistently was hitting balls to areas that I do not think have ever been touched. He was even hitting them to my seats in Section 35 that I never thought was possible. (I was in the Leftfield Bleachers tonight and never had a shot at any of his balls.) He even showed why he is The Natural, after being asked to try hitting one out to leftfield he does it right on cue. It was amazing. As my friend Jon texted me "that has to be the most amazing hitting display ever." Who can argue with that, to hit 28 homerun's in one round of a homerun derby in Yankee Stadium is unbelievable. He had the Stadium buzzing. Really they should have ended the night there and everyone would have been happy with what they had seen. It was truly amazing to say that I witnessed such an impressive display of hitting prowess.
I am sure tomorrow will top tonight's experience but this was a great way to start off the festivities.

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