Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Deadline

Check back throughout the day for breaking news on trades and some thoughts on moves.

What will possibly happen today:

1) Manny is sent to Marlins in either a three way deal with Jason Bay going to Boston or a conventional two way deal.

2) Yankees add a starting pitcher; possibly not named Jarrod Washburn

3) Rockies keep Brian Fuentes as they realize they have a legitimate shot at "winning" the division

4) Rays add a lefty reliever and possibly Adam Dunn as they attempt to make their first ever run at October.

What Should Happen:

1) Diamondbacks need to add a bat. They dont just need a bat they need a big bat. They should get involved in the Manny being Manny sweepstakes or have made the move for Texeira, they are stocked with prospects.

2) Mets get an outfielder who can hit and is under 35. Maybe not under 35 as Omar Minaya has always loved Manny and likes to wheal and deal. Lets not forget the great trade he made running Expos, Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips for Bartolo Colon. That worked well. Look for the Mets as a late entry. More realistic will be Raul Ibanez

3) Yankees need a pitcher. They cannot have Rasner and Ponson start 40% of the 60 games remaining.

4) Something unexpected.

5) Lots of crazy unpredictable rumors.

A warning do not believe all the rumors that you read about, a lot of them are just floated out because internet sites need to have people continually visiting their sites. and will have people updating every few minutes and they need changes. Trades that usually are usually rumored for a few days do not tend to happen, while the deals that do happen usually happen quickly alla the Nady/Marte deal, the Texeira Deal, and the Pudge Rodriguez Deal. They all seemed to move very quickly and there wasnt any rumors that "X team and Y team were close to a deal." The only time that happened is when the players involved were scratched from a teams lineup or removed in the middle of a game. Lets see what happens today it should be exciting.

Now we turn to the Big G for some levity as he has a message for teams that play the shift on him.

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