Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thoughts on Latest Trade

The best thing I can say about the Pudge Rodriguez- Kyle Farnsworth trade is the fact that the Yankees are going for it. The biggest concern right now is what removing a key part of the bullpen will do to the whole staff. Everyone seemed to have a role, Veras the 7th, Farnsworth the 8th in close games. Edwar Ramirez and David Robertson being the bridge with bigger leads. Now that equation has been disrupted. We know Veras was doing an adequate job in the 7th but how will he do in the 8th? How will Edwar make the move to bigger role? Now how will Damaso Marte work into the late inning equation? We will find out on the fly as everything has changed.

But now the positive. The Yankees are going for it this year. They are not waiting for anything, they want to win this year. The loss of Posada hurts the lineup and now they get a formidable bat. Pudge isnt the same defensive player he was 5 years ago, which was always a little overrated, but he does still throw out 36% of runners against him. He isn't Jose Molina defensively but he is closer to Posada offensively as he is hitting almost 300. He also brings great passion, emotion, energy and smarts to the team. He is a veteran and a champion, a guy who plays great when the lights are their brightest. And oh yeah he is in his walk year, which means he wants to impress to get another contract. Who knows, maybe he will earn another contract as their are question marks about Posada's shoulder ever being healthy enough to catch again.
This makes the Yankees that much better and sets tomorrow, July 31 to be an exciting day. Not only is a hall of fame catcher making his debut but who knows maybe another player or two are on their way.

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BS said...

Adequate??? He was BETTER than Farnsworth for a LONGER period of time.