Monday, July 21, 2008

Dandy Andy Finishes Sweep

The Yankees could not have had a better return from the All-Star break. After falling on their face in Pittsburg and Toronto in the 4 games prior to the break. The Yankees came back looking focused and ready to make a serious run at the playoffs. They showed they could win games in different fashions this weekend. They can pound a team like Friday night, win in extras and tie a game in the 9th inning like Saturday, and win with great pitching and defense like Sunday. Those last two games are the games they need to win to get to the playoffs.
Joe Girardi's team had the look of a team ready to do some damage. They got contributions from everyone. From Alex Rodriguez to Brett Gardner and Jose Molina on offense and from Andy Pettitte to David Robertson pitching. The pitching this weekend was superb, outside of one inning by Jose Veras. They were sharp, crisp and threw strikes. They basically didn't walk anyone which is always a good recipe for success. Andy Pettitte capped off the dominating weekend with a 8 inning 10 k performance Sunday afternoon. It was vintage Pettitte as he threw 115 pitches and got the ball to Mariano Rivera on his own.
The team still needs to hit better and be consistant but this was a great start to the final 60 games of the season. Combine their sweep and the sweep of the Red Sox and the Yankees have put themselves in a great position to overtake their rivals next weekend. They can not overlook the Twins and take them for granted, as the Twins have a high power offense and some very good young arms. If the Yankees can get out of this week 3-3, that would be great anything better and they would be in great shape.

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