Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Weekend in Boston

Sorry this has been a busy weekend and I havent given my thoughts about a great Yankee weekend.
* Don't let lastnight get you down. The Yankees aren't going to win every game the rest of the season. They won 8 in a row and the series in Boston so everything is fine. It was Sidney Ponson he probably wont be around too much longer anyway.What we learned:
* The Yankees can win big games on the road. Only the Yankees and Angels have winning road records out of the contenders. The Sox and Rays are terrible out of their own parks and the Yankees just went to the Sox hittining friendly Stadium and held them to 1 earned run over the first 18 innings.
* Joba is an ace. No more arguments about relieving. Where are all the people who six weeks cried when the transition started? They were all chearing and amazed at his dominance Friday night. He is due for a bad start, a clunker, it happens to everyone, but no question about it he has ACE makeup. He has a lot more Roger Clemens in him, the pitching mentality not HGH, than anyone thoughts. He completly got into Kevin Youkilis head and made him look silly in the 7th. He can be the guy, barring injury, the Yankees count on for years to come.* The show Manny Being Manny that has played Boston for the last eight years is coming to an end. Red Sox management has had enough with Manny and I will be shocked to see him back next year. However we have seen this dog and pony show before and Manny has stayed put so who knows. All I know is its great to see him vex everyone in the "Nation."
* The Yankees are going for it this year. The moves Friday proved it, the Yankees want # 27 this year. Was this true two weeks ago? I am not sure but this surge has put them in great position and given the front office confidence to make moves. Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte give the Yankees an even better shot to send Yankee Stadium out in grand fashion.

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