Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny and his Grill to LA

I cant write about this trade today. Being a Yankee fan, I'm very happy Manny is out of the AL East. To be honest, whoever the Sox got back in this trade would have been a relief over Manny. Jason Bay is a great player but hes not a first ballot Hall of Famer. As I said I have to let this sink in, do some research and come back tomorrow, but to think that the Red Sox wanted to get rid of the face of their franchise over the past 8 yrs so badly is very un-Boston like. Think about it, in order to trade Manny for Bay the Sox had to give up Hansen and Moss AND pay for Manny to play in LA. Once again, to obtain an inferior player, the Red Sox had to give up 2 young guys that they held onto many times throughout trade talks in the past PLUS let LA have him for a free pre-free agency try out. If thats not desperate I dont know what is.

I just dont know what to make of this. Maybe the Sox knew something about Manny that no one else did. However, the only reasonable explanation for this trade at the moment is if Theo is working at the Tijuana whore house that Tony Reagins brought Frank Wren to when he roofied him for the Teixeira deal. Tony Reagins then called up the Dodgers and told Ned Colletti about Epstein working at the whore house in order to blackmail him for Manny. Reagins would have used this information in order to improve his own team, but they already have 5 outfielders plus it would raise suspicions about Reagins' tatics. Face it, this is the best theory we can come up with as to why these two "trades" (muggings should be the real adjective used) happened. It may not be the right answer, but its the best we can use to explain what has happened over the past 3 days.

Original Reaction: Pittsburgh got the best deal. They gave up Bay and got 4 prospects. In the past week they have given up 3 players and gotten 8 in return.

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