Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Remember Carlos Quentin

Before everyone writes off this recent trade by the Yankees as a steal and says the Yankees gave up nothing for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte, they should all look at Carlos Quentin. Quentin was cast off the Diamondbacks following last season. He was supposed to be a big time star coming out of Stanford. He began the year as the starting right-fielder and had a dreadful season. He was sent back to minors and fell out of such favor with the orginization that he was sent to the White Sox for almost nothing. Well look now, the change of scenery has made Quentin into the star everyone expected. He is top 5 in homeruns and is one of the main reasons the Chi-Sox are in contention this season. Think the Diamondbacks could use a bat like Quentin this year?

Could the same be of Jose Tabata? The Yankees always thoughts highly of him. He was supposed to be the next Manny Ramirez (on the field) and even played in the prestigious MLB Futures Game at the ripe young age of 17. He is only 20 now and is being caste as immature. What 20 year old is mature? He is still developing and maturing, he has had a few runins this year that have raised alarms. His biggest mistake was leaving the stadium while struggling before the game was over. That does not look good. Look at Justin Upton, he is learning to play in the majors and has had his ups and downs. Tabata also struggled this year and the power he was projected to have has not
been fulfilled. Part of it could be the hamate bone surgery he had last year which saps a lot of power. He really did fall out of favor with the Yankees, alla Quentin and the D'Backs, as Austin Jackson passed him in the eyes of the Yankees. He is only 20, younger than Melky Cabrera, and still has a lot of big years ahead of him. Even Brian Cashman knows the risk in this move and that Tabata could still turn into a star. So in 5 years the Yankees could be looking at him in the All-Star game in 2012 and being a real force. The Yankees are hoping that is not the case.

It is true that you have to give up talent to get talent, and the Yankees killed two birds with one stone. They got the righty bat and lefty reliever they really needed. It is just not fair to say the Yankees gave up nothing and stole these missing parts of the puzzle from the Pirates.

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